Month: February 2016

  • Lessons from Trump

    Lessons from Trump

    I should have kept a basketball diary. A journal recording every basketball game I've ever attended as the mother of four, as the wife of one, a basketball coach. When my younguns were wee lads it fell to me to get hair combed, socks on,[..]
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  • Selective Remembering

    Selective Remembering

    I've had the good fortune of spending the past several days with my daughter and grandsons. It's a rare treat. We've made numerous trips to the park, played football, watched Room on the Broom at least a dozen times. I highly recommend it. That's one[..]
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  • The Master of Irony

    The Master of Irony

    I got a card in the mail yesterday from a friend who lives way over yonder from me. The waves that wash upon on his beach come from the Atlantic Ocean, that's how far away he is. The card was simple. It said something about[..]
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  • Trusting Creepy People

    Trusting Creepy People

    As of late, our family discussions have revolved around duplicitous people. You've met a few in your lifetime, I'm sure. You know the person who pees on your leg and tells you it's raining. The person who pulls you in for that tight embrace moments[..]
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  • The Children Who Heal Us

    The Children Who Heal Us

    Last night I started randomly receiving a series of text messages from daughter Ashley. At first, I thought she was sending me silly things my grandsons say. Just recently she sent me a note saying that Sullivan had asked if she could go get his[..]
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  • Conrack: An Unconventional Teacher

    Conrack: An Unconventional Teacher

    While millions tuned into the Grammys last night, I re-watched a movie I haven't seen in some 20 plus years. I'd had my fill of Kanye Lost from his weekend Twitter begging like a wayward Prosperity Gospel preacher on a midnight binge.  Good for Taylor[..]
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  • Theology of Love According to the Beatles

    Theology of Love According to the Beatles

      Race Elder sat in his Nashville law office alone on yet another Saturday night. He'd taken up working on Saturdays after his wife of 23 years died. One minute they'd been planning a trip to the South of France, and the next they were[..]
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  • Within Every Man is an Abraham

    Within Every Man is an Abraham

      Sadie clicked the remote off. She could not abide one more racist rant out of Donald Trump's mouth. She emptied the bottle of red wine into her glass. Had she really drunk the entire bottle alone? She seemed to be doing that a lot[..]
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  • Where Dreams Go to Die

    Where Dreams Go to Die

    Diamond wanted to be famous. Rich, too, though if she had to choose between being rich or famous, she preferred the fame. She told anybody who would listen from sixth grade on that she was going to be a big star one day. During her[..]
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  • Praying for Peyton

    Praying for Peyton

      Sister Tater is a fanatic. No, I'm not talking about her religious practices, though some might perceive her as fanatical that way, too. Sister Tater is a card-carrying member of the Assembly of God faith tradition and all that entails. The girl gets up[..]
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