Month: December 2023

  • The Lies Behind the Headlines

    The Lies Behind the Headlines

    I had a driveway moment this morning. You ever have those? I've had numerous ones over the years, that moment when you are listening to a story or report on NPR and it's so compelling you can't get out of the car until the report[..]
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  • The Gift of Time

    The Gift of Time

    Opening the dusty jewelry box, I pulled out the gold timepiece given to me on that long-ago Saturday in 1974, the day I graduated from Columbus High. The watch isn't as brilliant as it was that day. It's face-covering has clouded over - or it[..]
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  • The Sins of that Texas AG

    The Sins of that Texas AG

    Pre-born children. That's the latest term pro-lifers are using for fetuses. Pre-born children isn't a medical term. You won't find it in use in any of the textbooks that medical students study. It would be akin to calling seniors "pre-death adults," I suppose. Words matter.[..]
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