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Come visit with author Karen Spears Zacharias about her latest novel, Christian Bend, the third book in the Appalachian series (Mother of Rain, Burdy). This contemporary murder story resonates with a vintage love of place while exploring the changing landscape of drugs, addiction and violence.


Hey folks: The new novel releases September 2017 from Mercer University Press. Please check back often for updates to the calendar. We are adding dates as they come in. I will be based in Georgia for most of Sept and October, but my travels will take me throughout the Southeast. I am looking forward to seeing so many of you again.


Advanced Praise:


“CHRISTIAN BEND is a beautifully vivid and authentic rendering of Appalachia. Karen Spears Zacharias grabs us by the heart and doesn’t let go–it’s all here in CHRISTIAN BEND: tragedy, love, redemption, spirituality, and beauty. Zacharias knows how to catch the language, cadence, and intricacy of mountain life in the net of her engrossing story; she never averts her gaze from the terrible or the wonderful. Zacharias introduces us to a wide cast of characters with varied voices and then seamlessly connects them all in ways both stunning and unexpected. We find Burdy Luttrell recovering from a gunshot wound, and from there the mystery of not only the shooting but also Burdy’s hidden life blooms in this page-turning novel.” –Patti Callahan Henry, New York Times best-selling author of THE BOOKSHOP AT WATER’S END

“With stunning beauty and more twists and turns than a Tennessee mountain road, Karen Spears Zacharias’s novel CHRISTIAN BEND takes readers on an unforgettable journey through the gamut of human emotion, ultimately illuminating the meaning and necessity of forgiveness in our lives. Literary fiction worth its salt should speak to the human condition, or at least attempt to do so. CHRISTIAN BEND does not disappoint and will leave you on your feet, tears streaking your face, cheering for more.” –Michel Stone, award-winning author of BORDER CHILD and THE IGUANA TREE

“In language rich and specific, Karen Spears Zacharias summons the mountains–its hymns and spells, its trees flaming with reds and golds, its families and their secrets. But Christian Bend, Tennessee is also part of a new culture of drugs, addiction and violence–a changing landscape. Coaxing beauty from the hollers of both memory and present, CHRISTIAN BEND reminds us of the importance of place and of spirit. Some visions, Zacharias tells us, are meant to be heeded.” –Karen Salyer McElmurray,  author of SURRENDERED CHILD