Month: September 2015

  • In Lieu of Google

    In Lieu of Google

    The lady ringing up the items was hunched over. It was difficult to tell if she was that way because she was tired or because of her age. Or maybe both. Her name was Peggy. It said so right there in that place near a[..]
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  • Distress Call at Spivey’s

    Distress Call at Spivey’s

      Lord, I am busier than a one-armed fiddler in a snake pit. What has me so busy? Besides preparing vocabulary exams and reading essays from 140 students, you mean? I'm cranking up for book tour for BURDY. It kicks off this weekend. Saturday at  11[..]
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  • The One-Sidedness in Us All

    The One-Sidedness in Us All

    Okay, I admit it. I was giggling. Not out loud, mind you, that would have been rude and rudeness is not allowed, ever. Still. It was funny, listening to readers who had never encountered Eudora Welty or her writing carry on about her. They were[..]
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  • Peacock in the Desert

    Peacock in the Desert

    It was one of those God poetry moments. There we were, having just hiked some rocky butte at Eagle Crest in Central Oregon. We were winding our way down the backside of the Butte when I asked my friend, One Pan Peggy, if she had[..]
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