Month: August 2010

  • God does not love America

    God does not love America

    God does not love America. If that offends you, you have a problem. God does not love Israel. Israel as a nation is a construct of the Truman Administration and some legal wrangling within the United Nations. I know we have been taught -- truly[..]
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  • Conversation from the TweetDeck

    Conversation from the TweetDeck

    Ashley and Zack dropped by last night at the tail-end of their summer vacation. They did a hike through the Cascades – 43 miles in two days. Poor Ashley’s feet looked like a POWs on a death march – swollen and bloodied. I knew just[..]
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  • CNN Commentary

    CNN Commentary

    I have an essay over at the CNN site. To read it Click Here.
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  • When is Enuff Enuff?

    When is Enuff Enuff?

    Dear Ms. Robin: Thank you for sending me this very thoughtful invitation. I'm sure you are a very smart woman. Anyone who charges people money in order to teach others how to not spend money so that the person teaching others how not to spend money can make[..]
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  • 32 years and counting

    32 years and counting

    The Anniversary Column/photo by Raleigh Studios   My career has put me on the road so much that my friends are beginning to suspect I'm in the witness-protection program. I might move less if that were the case. I was visiting with a gal at Starbucks[..]
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  • A Letter to the President

    A Letter to the President

    Dear President Obama: Hope this finds you well. I am sorry I haven't made the time to write. It's been a hectic year, what the demon dog nearly taking off the end of my nose and with the release of my latest book -- Will[..]
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  • The Motivator

    The Motivator

     You may have heard the news about China surpassing Japan in economic standing in the world. This park bench might help explain how that happened. Officials in China have outfitted benches with steel spikes designed to prod people from loitering too long. Anyone wanting to spend an[..]
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  • I am like you

    I am like you

    There are well-meaning good-hearted people on both sides of the Ground Zero Mosque issue. I believe that, I really do. It's just hard right now to see that, what with the way the people are carrying on. If I were Frank Peretti writing This Presence Darkness, I might[..]
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  • Thank you

    Thank you

    I made a quick trip to Seattle yesterday -- up and back. Some days it seems like I can't get two things done then there are days like yesterday when I seem to pack a month of activities into one day. The trip had been[..]
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  • G.I. God

    G.I. God

    I've been a church-goer long enough to know that nothing gets people riled up quicker than talk about styles of worship. I once attended a church where, I kid you not, we sang Victory in Jesus every Sunday. Every Sunday. We sang it so much[..]
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