Month: October 2014

  • Mama June: What were you thinking?

    Mama June: What were you thinking?

      Mama June. Mama June. Mama June. How could you? Welcome back Mark McDaniel, the convicted sex abuser who abused your own daughter? No man is worth the value of a daughter well-loved. Has all this fame and fleeting fortune (Just ask Kate) muddled your brain?[..]
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  • Freaky Mama

    Freaky Mama

      When I was in Wenatchee last week I got a preview of my grandson in his Halloween outfit and ohmygosh is it the cutest thing ever! I'd post a photo of him to charm you but his daddy and mama forbade me to take[..]
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  • Proud to be Trailer-Bred

    Proud to be Trailer-Bred

        Several years ago, while I was speaking at Village Books in Bellingham, Washington, a lovely woman approached me.  She didn't give me her name at first but she said we knew each other. Don't you remember me? she asked. I studied her face[..]
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  • The Why of Jack O’ Lanterns

    The Why of Jack O’ Lanterns

      The following is an excerpt from MOTHER OF RAIN, a novel:   “Tell me the story of Jack again,” I asked, pleading with Doc to tell me the story he told every Halloween. “Oh, you don’t want to hear that old tale, again,” he[..]
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  • Last Days Thriller Fiction

    Last Days Thriller Fiction

      The following is an excerpt from Demon Dog, Star Captain and other Apocalyptic tales, now available on Kindle:     Star Captain believes, as author Tim LaHaye has been saying for years now, that a terrifying Tribulation is drawing nigh. Star Captain has even[..]
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  • God is a Southern Boy

    God is a Southern Boy

    Several years ago following a book event at the library in Cannon Beach I was approached by a beautiful woman who told me a terrifying tale. It, like so many terrifying tales, involved depression and anxiety and brokenness and silence. And years of unanswered questions.[..]
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  • When You Are Not Okay

    When You Are Not Okay

        I give this lecture every term where I ask a question of my students: “What will you set yourself on fire for?” I ask that question after lecturing about a produce farmer in Tunisia who set himself on fire over the injustices of a corrupt[..]
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  • Intercourse You!

    Intercourse You!

        I met this lady on the plane coming back from Minneapolis. I knew I liked her the minute she turned to a guy in his 30s and said, "I see you giving me that old lady look." He had been of course. Giving[..]
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  • Terrorism: A Branding Problem

    Terrorism: A Branding Problem

        The terrorist group that calls itself ISIS appears to be somewhat tech savvy. Every time they saw the head off another innocent human being they make sure to capture it all on their iPhones or Droids or whatever camera it is they use[..]
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  • Participating in the Remarkable

    Participating in the Remarkable

      Before leaving Georgia the other day, I made a stop in Pine Mountain to visit Miss Lillian. She did not know I was coming, so she let out a small squeal of delight when I walked into the kitchen. “This is my friend who[..]
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