Month: October 2023

  • Lessons on Protesting & Praying

    Lessons on Protesting & Praying

    On every Social Media and news site I am bombarded with stories about college students rising up against the violence in the Middle East, specifically the innocent people in Gaza caught up in a war between Hamas terrorists and Israeli Defense Forces. There are fights[..]
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  • The Power of Fairy Trees

    The Power of Fairy Trees

    I turned around in the open air abbey and there he was, wearing an orange wool sweater he’d bought from one of the Wicklow vendors. His white hair was pulled back in a ponytail. He wore a coat over the sweater and a smile that[..]
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  • Don’t Just Pray for Israel

    Don’t Just Pray for Israel

    As a child I wasn't taught to pray for the Vietnamese people. I was not taught that there were Vietnamese children whose fathers were being slaughtered in their country, the same as my father. I wasn't taught that their mothers were suffering as well, many[..]
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  • Human Kindness

    Human Kindness

    We started the morning on a walkabout Kensington Park, not far from our hotel. Well truthfully, we started the morning at the local Oree’s drinking coffee and tea and enjoying our favorite croissants before heading out on our walk. Tim is game to go along[..]
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