Praying for Peyton


PeytonSister Tater is a fanatic.

No, I’m not talking about her religious practices, though some might perceive her as fanatical that way, too. Sister Tater is a card-carrying member of the Assembly of God faith tradition and all that entails. The girl gets up o’dawn-thirty to pray in the day.

Come tomorrow, she’ll undoubtedly get up even earlier so that she can pray over Peyton.

Yes. Sister Tater is one of those kind of Christians. She prays over everything. When it comes to praying, nothing is too big or too small for her to discuss with God. I used to be like that, but then the Moral Majority came along and ruined all that for me. (It’s a complicated matter best saved for another time.)

Not that I don’t pray. I do. I just don’t pray about haircuts, upholstery choices, and for Peyton Manning to perform well enough to win the Super Bowl.

Sister Tater prays for all that and more.

And I’m not talking some pithy, “God be with Peyton” sort of prayer. I mean face-to-the-floor praying. Sister Tater loves Peyton nearly as much as she does Uncle Buck. Maybe more some days.

Sister Tater has a framed autographed photo of Peyton hanging in her home, alongside the two-hundred-and-eighteen framed photos she has of her children and grandchildren. Only the ones from her kids aren’t autographed. Go figure.

If we didn’t live six hours apart, Tim and I would probably spend Super Bowl Sunday with Sister Tater and Uncle Buck. Sister Tater is picky about who she has over when Peyton is playing ’cause, Lord knows, she isn’t going to be playing hostess to nobody as long as Petyon is on that ball field. If ever a woman loved a quarterback more than Sister Tater loves Peyton Manning, I’ve yet to met her.

I am quite sure Peyton Manning has no idea how much Sister Tater has invested in his football career over the years. All that blood, sweat and prayers of hers has undoubtedly saved him from all sorts of injuries and propelled him into the success he has enjoyed.

Peyton really should give Sister Tater a call sometime and thank her for praying for him all these years. In our family whenever anybody needs a righteous person praying for them, they call Sister Tater.

Sister Tater told me this week that she fully expects to be hoarse by the end of the Super Bowl game.

If you happen to be headed down Surf Street in Westport, Washington and overhear the shouts of a Pentacostal woman yelling, “Lord Jesus, help him!” don’t be alarmed.

That’s just Sister Tater evoking the Holy Spirit power for Peyton.

Cam Newton better watch out.

Sister Tater is a former UofO coed. For all her Christian ways, the girl is likely still holding a grudge over that Tiger-Duck BCS match-up.

In our family, we think even the Devil turns tail and runs the other way when Sister Tater takes to praying.

Unless Cam Newton also has a righteous woman praying Holy Spirit power over him, he might as well hang up that jock strap before the coin toss.

Or as Sister Tater likely prays, “May the best Peyton win.” 


Karen Spears Zacharias is author of Burdy (Mercer University Press). 




Karen Spears Zacharias

Author/Journalist/Educator. Gold Star Daughter.

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