Month: November 2017

  • Turning the Page

    Turning the Page

    When we first moved to Hermiston, Oregon,  the neighborhood didn't have any mature trees or shrubs, pheasants and quails nested in the field behind the house. There were several empty lots waiting for owners to pick out house plans. The stop sign in front of[..]
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  • God’s One Last Nerve

    God’s One Last Nerve

    Mama loved Charlie Rose. She'd come in from work, grab herself a bite to eat, kick off her shoes, and curl her legs up in her comfy chair. She'd pull that ashtray closer as she flipped the remote to Rose. Rose was her routine indulgence.[..]
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  • Bragging Rights to Predatory Abuses

    Bragging Rights to Predatory Abuses

      Tim stopped by the front office where he works last week and apologized to all the women there on behalf of all the wrongs men have perpetuated, continue to perpetuate, against women. It wasn't a planned apology. It was spontaneous and heartfelt. As the[..]
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  • A Letter to my Friends

    A Letter to my Friends

    Dear Alabamians: You and I have had a thing going on for many years now. I grew up just across the Hooch from you. I spent nearly every weekend of my high school years driving your backroads on the way to Camp Hill to watch[..]
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  • A Moral Wound

    A Moral Wound

      She stood in front of Panel 9E, this woman who looked as though she ran marathons in record time. She wasn't much taller or bigger than the school kids she was accompanying. Her sandy blonde hair layered short. Her smile, warm and quick, reminiscent[..]
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  • Alaska Airlines, Y’all

    Alaska Airlines, Y’all

    I am typically the last person to board a plane or close to the back. That's because I don't fly First-class and because, well, I have an aversion to standing in lines. Especially single file lines. So that's where I was while boarding the non-stop[..]
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  • America is not Great

    America is not Great

    America is not great. America is not even good. America is a country where children are being gunned down in their schools, in their homes, in their churches. America is not great. America is not even good. America is a country where white men with[..]
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  • This One-Starbucks Kind-of-Town

    This One-Starbucks Kind-of-Town

    She was dressed in a sweater and a black vest. Her thick blond hair hung loosely, Peggy Lipton style, over her shoulders. Shy dimples appeared as she spoke. "Are you new here?" I asked. "No. I've been here seven years," she replied. "Gosh! You don't[..]
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  • Jesse Owens: Setting the Pace still

    Jesse Owens: Setting the Pace still

      I am not a runner, never have been, unless, of course, you are talking about matters of the heart and soul, then I can be a top-notch runner. I can run away from things I don't want to deal with as well as any[..]
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