Who My People Are



My people are a superstitious bunch.

We don’t walk behind rocking chairs.

We don’t iron on Sundays.

Lord, God forgive us quick if we break a mirror.

Who can afford seven years of bad luck?


My people know that if your nose is itching, company’s a’coming.

They know if there’s a ring around the full moon, somebody you love is going to die.

They know if your ears are burning, somebody’s talking about you.

They know there will be a winter snow for every fog in August.


My people know that if a rooster crows at night, there will be rain come morning.

They know that if you want to keep a witch out of the house, you must lay a broom across the door-sill.

And if it’s good luck you seek, you hang a horseshoe upright over the doorway.

They know to turn around and go another way if a black cat crosses their path. Nobody can afford the kind of bad luck a black cat brings.

My people know not to stare in the mirror at midnight.



My people know that seeing a bluebird will bring a person good luck.

That if you find a penny and put it in your right shoe, good fortune will come to you.

That a four-leaf clover can bring the same kind of luck as a shiny penny found.

And a red ear of corn is a sign of good things to come, too.

My people also believe that candles on a cake represent the light of life, and that blowing out that light once a year will create a smoke that captures the attention of God, who will then, in an act of great generosity and grace, answer the birthday prayers (or wishes).

My people also believe that there ought to come a time in a person’s life when they recognize that all the dreams and wishes they could have ever thunk up, God has already granted.

My people believe that everybody ought to be grateful for the gift of life.

They believe that as a people we owe God our gratitude, upon our every rising and the setting of the sun.

My people believe that we ought to live our lives in service to others because we have been blessed beyond all our imaginations.

My people believe that thankfulness ought to be a way of life everyday and not just during the month of November.

My people believe in eternity and eternal peace, joy and happiness.

My people believe heaven has come down to earth.

And that life’s best gifts can be found in the presence of family and friends.

Because my people know that whenever we gather together, God is in our midst.

The best age you can be is the age of discovering who your people are.






Karen Spears Zacharias

Author/Journalist/Educator. Gold Star Daughter.

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