The Man Who Would Be President


Get prepared to welcome more flag-draped coffins home.

They will be arriving by Christmas.

More of America’s sons & daughters are going to be slain in Afghanistan.

You remember that American Sniper movie?  Be prepared for more of the same.

The man who would be president has not a clue about what sacrifice means, not in any way, shape or form. He who has never sacrificed anything will sacrifice the sons and daughters of others for his own political gain.

Every war has two losers, William Stafford said.

We will win, said the man who would be president.

Does anyone stop to ask the most important question of all: What does winning in Afghanistan look like? What’s a win there? How many bodies will be required before this man who would be president declares: Winning!

We are just going to kill terrorists, said the man who would be president. We aren’t going to nation build.

So our solution to a badly conceived war, that has already cost an ungodly amount of lives, is simply more killing? Kill ’em all, says the man who would be president but never a soldier himself.

Five time draft-dodger.

Yellow-bellied loser,, that one.

Get your flags ready.

The coffins are coming.

Shine up that brass horn.

Taps is the tune that politicians have relied upon more than any other to unify the country.

And if there is anything this man who would be president needs more than any other, it is some means to bring the country he is so good at dividing, together.

It seems he will judge the win not by the amount of troops he sends into Afghanistan, but by the number of folded flags that he gets to hand out when they return.

Those of us who’ve been down this path, we can hearing the weeping from afar. We know exactly what’s coming.

We also know that Stafford was right and Trump is wrong.


Karen Spears Zacharias is a Gold-Star daughter and author of AFTER THE FLAG HAS BEEN FOLDED (HarperCollins).

Karen Spears Zacharias

Author/Journalist/Educator. Gold Star Daughter.


Geri Taran

about 4 years ago

As always, Karen, we are in agreement. How I lament my (individual) lack of power to DO SOMETHING. But you're there doing what you do so well. Love to you, as always.


Karen Spears Zacharias

about 4 years ago

Oh, Geri, how I wish I could rally Americans enough to remove this man from office. He is a danger to so many. I fear our country will never recover from this anti-Christ of a man.



about 4 years ago

My description of Mr. Trump from before January 20 still holds. He is the most ad hoc human being alive. He can go from being a very whiny crybaby at his AZ campaign rally to meeting w/ veterans and calling for the nation to come together and heal, bind up our wounds. Please, Mr. President, stop inflicting them! Claims "the media" [except the ones he uses and abuses] may very well hate the country. Will not be happy until he has total information and mind control. Sees no conflict with "killing terrorists" from now 'til kingdom come but doing no nation building in Afghanistan, thereby completely dismissing possible root causes of terrorism. Endless supply of terrorists equals endless war. Wants us to "win" in Afghanistan but has not spent 10 words on defining what that might be and how we would know. I have an idea to help us along, though. Since Senior Advisors Jared and Ivanka must know more about "winning" than any human beings alive save the President himself, perhaps they should be drafted and deployed to Afghanistan tomorrow. Why bother w/ boot camp and training in weapons, counterinsurgency and urban warfare? They already "know" more than all branches of service put together. Yes, draft 'em, I say! Tomorrow. Deploy 'em on Saturday.


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