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  • Gabby Petito: Protecting Public Personas

    Gabby Petito: Protecting Public Personas

    The comment was short, to the point: "There is so much more to the Gabby Petito story than we know." The commentator made the remark in reference to finding out that Gabby had lived with her suspected killer's family before taking off on that cross-country[..]
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  • The Problem with Faith

    The Problem with Faith

    We had not spoken in four years, not since Trump got elected. She, in fact, told me she took my phone number off her phone after three decades of friendship. We had been the closest of friends. We'd raised kids together, traveled together, shopped together,[..]
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  • Meeting Moses in Utah

    Meeting Moses in Utah

    As we entered Wyoming, we were greeted with a flashing notice of a vehicle fire up the road. Tim remarked that there was no telling how old the message was, given the sky was clear of any smoke. But a few miles up the road,[..]
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  • If Only Trump Would Learn

    If Only Trump Would Learn

    I am married to a teacher. I have an education degree myself and have spent 30 years in and out of classrooms. I have four school age grandsons. Not surprisingly, I take this directive from Betsy DeVoss and Donald J. Trump that schools must be[..]
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  • Travails of Travel

    Travails of Travel

    You would think after 40 years, I’d know better. What can I say? My usual sunny self always tends to romanticize these sorts of things. Besides I was rather distracted on Tuesday by a baby thinking she might make a rather grand but unexpected arrival.[..]
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