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  • The God of Christian Nationalists

    The God of Christian Nationalists

    I have been listening to the podcast "Teaching Texas" on Apple podcast. It follows the journey of how textbooks are adopted and how the state of Texas has held a critical influential role in what is included and what is excluded in textbooks across America.[..]
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  • Evidence of Our Humanity

    Evidence of Our Humanity

    I remember the first time I realized what an angry people Americans are. I'd pretty much gone about life thinking that Americans overall were generally kind folks who really cared about one another. For the most part, that was the bubble in which I lived.[..]
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  • Dispatch #6: Another Day in Glasgow

    Dispatch #6: Another Day in Glasgow

    On Saturday, we took the train into Glasgow, unaware that we would be joined by fellas headed to the football game. The train has never really been crowded during any of our trips. Saturday was different. It was only 10 in the a.m. but that[..]
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  • SOTU and those Congressional Cravens

    SOTU and those Congressional Cravens

      I've read stories about the dying process, about those who claim to have died and come back to life had this moment where they were in the upper corner of the room looking down on their dying selves and their loved ones grieving. Perhaps[..]
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  • Dispatch #3: Glasgow

    Dispatch #3: Glasgow

    We took the train into Glasgow last night shortly after finishing our classes for the day. All of our classes are held on Zoom, thank you, Covid. When they run back-to-back, it makes for a very tiring day. It didn't help matters that yesterday was[..]
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  • What we can do

    What we can do

      I leave town for a few days and I be dadgum if the whole world didn't fall apart. There are wildfires brewing in Wenatchee. Bombs dropping in Gaza. People shooting down  passengers planes from the sky over the Ukraine. And let's not forget the[..]
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