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  • It’s Not the Demons You should Fear

    It’s Not the Demons You should Fear

    Sunday afternoon I was sitting on the porch, reading academic journals on narrative structure, you know as you do to relax. Tim was off running errands in preparation of the work week. The phone rang and I picked it up, expecting it to be one[..]
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  • Letting Go

    Letting Go

      We are starting out our New Year with one less family member. It was not a death that claimed him. Not a death in the typical sense at any rate, though, if I am completely honest, there have been moments when I think that[..]
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  • Don’t Give Up

    Don’t Give Up

    My daughter Shelby thanked me for providing her with a sheltered and mostly joyous childhood. She was prompted to do so shortly after I shared my latest dream with her. The dream came to me in a dozing stage, that early sleep when you are[..]
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