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  • Making #Charlottesville

    Making #Charlottesville

    Before leaving Charlottesville, I took an intentional walk. One of the panels I attended at the Virginia Book Festival featured Media historian and professor Aniko Bodroghkozy. Aniko has written a book that draws parallels between the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s and the "Unite[..]
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  • Love Lessons

    Love Lessons

    Sometimes, if you are lucky enough, life is patient with you. It gives you time to learn the lesson of what it means to love others. I don't mean in that romantic way of Eros. I don't even mean in that Agape way of God's[..]
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  • Lessons on Protesting & Praying

    Lessons on Protesting & Praying

    On every Social Media and news site I am bombarded with stories about college students rising up against the violence in the Middle East, specifically the innocent people in Gaza caught up in a war between Hamas terrorists and Israeli Defense Forces. There are fights[..]
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  • Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me!

    Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me!

      In November of 2016, I turned 60. To celebrate my 60th birthday, I went on a silent retreat at Mt. Angel Abbey, outside of Portland. I had never been on a silent retreat before, but it was something I had longed to do since[..]
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  • In Pursuit of a Welcoming Place

    In Pursuit of a Welcoming Place

    She was pushing a broom, picking up litter left by inconsiderate customers. I'm sorry if I'm in your way, she said. Not at all, I replied, scooting my chair to make room for her. I read her name tag and thought it said Stacey, so[..]
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  • Dispatch #9: Lessons from Traveling

    Dispatch #9: Lessons from Traveling

    The Queen isn't the only one. Pocketbooks are a thing here, among a certain age group at least. I see men and women carrying them. Of course there are backpacks as well. And in Glasgow it is common to see people pulling suitcases from one[..]
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  • Dispatch #6: Another Day in Glasgow

    Dispatch #6: Another Day in Glasgow

    On Saturday, we took the train into Glasgow, unaware that we would be joined by fellas headed to the football game. The train has never really been crowded during any of our trips. Saturday was different. It was only 10 in the a.m. but that[..]
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  • How to be a Racist

    How to be a Racist

    It's exhausting living in a country divided. When I was a child growing up in the red dirt of Lester Maddox and George Wallace's racism, I just thought adults like them were crazy hateful people. I considered them as the flag-bearers of all that hatefulness.[..]
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  • The Need for Critical Race Theory

    The Need for Critical Race Theory

    While we were traveling about the country there was a lot happening in the national dialogue about Critical Race Theory.  Much of this dialogue is conducted by those with little to no understanding of history. Many couldn't identify the three branches of government, much less[..]
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  • Charleston Hospitality

    Charleston Hospitality

    I didn’t tell him about the bridge. Sometimes information just causes a person to worry needlessly. This was an actual case of “we will cross that bridge when we come to it.”  He sucked in his breath as most everyone does when they see the[..]
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