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  • Pray for Peace

    Pray for Peace

        I spoke with a soldier friend of mine today. He's an active-duty soldier who has served several tours of duty in Iraq. He is also somebody who grew up in war-torn Sudan. He remembers when he was a child how his homeland was[..]
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  • When Nigga/Nigger are Okay Words to Use

    When Nigga/Nigger are Okay Words to Use

      Racist Rant of Donald Sterling. Non-Racist My Nigga. One of Billboard's Top Rap Songs. I spoke with a young mother a week ago about a matter that was upsetting her. Seems at her child's middle school one of the most commonly used slang words[..]
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  • I am like you

    I am like you

    There are well-meaning good-hearted people on both sides of the Ground Zero Mosque issue. I believe that, I really do. It's just hard right now to see that, what with the way the people are carrying on. If I were Frank Peretti writing This Presence Darkness, I might[..]
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  • Somebody call the Sheriff

    Somebody call the Sheriff

    Grandpa Harve and his sons I come from a long-line of good people who made poor choices. Choices that all too often put them on the wrong-side of the law and the other side of the iron bars. I don’t know what the genome is[..]
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