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  • Podcast of The Murder Gene: Chapter One

    Podcast of The Murder Gene: Chapter One

      Part of what I've been doing in Scotland is working on the skill of podcasting. In this episode, I visit with Phil and Holly, two talents from Canada. We are talking about the new book. You can hear from the killer himself in this[..]
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  • What Remains

    What Remains

      It barely made headlines, what with all the political corruption underway between the Executive and Legislative branches. But it did warrant at least space in some newspapers as we closed out 2020 and welcomed 2021:   The remains of a girl between ages 6½[..]
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  • A White Mother’s Angst

    A White Mother’s Angst

    Editor's Note: We welcome yet another voice to the blog. That of a white mother to a dark-skinned boy. Tammy and I have been friends for decades. Our kids attended the same schools. I worked with her husband, Mike, a retired Oregon State Police Lt. [..]
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