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  • The Endings

    The Endings

      "Evie set the bar low but Peckerwood just considered it a challenge. There seemed to be no expectation so low that Peckerwood couldn't get beneath it. You know a man ain't worth a wooden nickel when his own mother quits him." - Barbara Thurman, [..]
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  • Survival Tips from Ms. Bossy

    Survival Tips from Ms. Bossy

    Listen here, I don't like Trump any more than the majority of Americans. Fact: He was only elected by 25 percent of American voters.  Anyone trying to convince you otherwise is telling a lie.  But there are a few things that need to be addressed[..]
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  • An Epidemic of Liars

    An Epidemic of Liars

    Lying has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. Listen, I understand that it is human nature to lie. Humans have been telling fibs every since Adam ate that apple. Or was it a peach? That story always cracks me up because you got to[..]
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