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  • Pure Evil: How a Georgia woman ended up on Death Row

    Pure Evil: How a Georgia woman ended up on Death Row

    I have been a fan of Jaclyn Weldon White's writing since I read Whisper to the Black Candle (Mercer University Press), so I was delighted when I learned she had put out a new book. Pure Evil is the riveting and often shocking account of Rebecca Akins, formerly[..]
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  • Travails of Travel

    Travails of Travel

    You would think after 40 years, I’d know better. What can I say? My usual sunny self always tends to romanticize these sorts of things. Besides I was rather distracted on Tuesday by a baby thinking she might make a rather grand but unexpected arrival.[..]
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  • Waiting on Lenore

    Waiting on Lenore

    [caption id="attachment_1759" align="aligncenter" width="876"] This is the type of double-oven stove we once owned.[/caption]       Why is it people wait until their kids are grown to buy new appliances? Oh, I know, because we were all buying groceries for all those kids. That[..]
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  • Love Gone Wrong

    Love Gone Wrong

    Congratulation to Beth Wilkes of Alabama & Dorcie Tracy of Oregon. They are the winners of Leigh Anne's book. Thanks to all who entered.  The wedding was perfect in every way. Lovely flowers. Lovely dress. Lovely bride.   Their church family was there. The cousins[..]
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