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  • All My Favorite People

    All My Favorite People

    Some of my friends quit church long ago, disappointed and/or hurt by a hierarchy of patriarchy, a system designed specifically to suppress the voices of all but the men in power. Just this past week I heard a woman with a doctorate declare that the[..]
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  • Go to Hell

    Go to Hell

    Last week Hugh Hollowell (LOVEWINS) was on stage with Shane Claiborne and Johnathan Wilson-Hartgrove at Big Tent Christianity. Hugh is The Marine in Will Jesus Buy Me a Double-Wide? The following is the talk Hugh gave and now you know why I adore me some Hugh[..]
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  • Letter from Hugh

    Letter from Hugh

    Dear Friends: When I met them several years ago, they were homeless. She had delivered five children, all of whom had been taken by the state. He was a crackhead living off her food stamps, who made spending money by turning tricks for the white-collar[..]
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