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  • Harry and the Isolation of Grief

    Harry and the Isolation of Grief

      Let's talk about Harry's memoir SPARE for a moment, shall we? Like many of you, I have complicated emotions about Harry's tell-all. When Harry told Anderson Cooper about the fight with Will, I thought of how upset their mother would be that her boys aren't[..]
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  • Stories: The Gift of Christmas

    Stories: The Gift of Christmas

    Telling our stories is a large percentage of what we do when we return home. That tidbit of wisdom comes from author Seamas O'Reilly in his memoir Did Ye Hear Mammy Died?  He was five nearly six when his mammy died from breast cancer, leaving[..]
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  • Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me!

    Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me!

      In November of 2016, I turned 60. To celebrate my 60th birthday, I went on a silent retreat at Mt. Angel Abbey, outside of Portland. I had never been on a silent retreat before, but it was something I had longed to do since[..]
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  • It’s Not the Demons You should Fear

    It’s Not the Demons You should Fear

    Sunday afternoon I was sitting on the porch, reading academic journals on narrative structure, you know as you do to relax. Tim was off running errands in preparation of the work week. The phone rang and I picked it up, expecting it to be one[..]
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  • This Generation’s Shut-Ins

    This Generation’s Shut-Ins

        Two of my adult children made major moves right before the pandemic rocked the entire world and sent us into an isolation most of us had only read about in dystopian novels. Newscaster Gayle King said she spent 105 days never leaving her NYC[..]
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  • The People We Don’t Miss

    The People We Don’t Miss

    Hardly anyone ever mentions the people  we don't miss at the family gatherings. I don't mean those we love who have gone on to what I hope is an eternal celebration and not an eternal rest. I'm talking about the people who no longer gather[..]
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  • The Endings

    The Endings

      "Evie set the bar low but Peckerwood just considered it a challenge. There seemed to be no expectation so low that Peckerwood couldn't get beneath it. You know a man ain't worth a wooden nickel when his own mother quits him." - Barbara Thurman, [..]
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  • The Problem with Faith

    The Problem with Faith

    We had not spoken in four years, not since Trump got elected. She, in fact, told me she took my phone number off her phone after three decades of friendship. We had been the closest of friends. We'd raised kids together, traveled together, shopped together,[..]
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  • The Good Neighbor

    The Good Neighbor

    "If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased." - Katharine Hepburn It was nigh upon the gloaming hour when I happened upon her, almost out of ear shot beyond the iron gate. Deer roamed in the distance beyond her. She's[..]
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