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  • The Stuff of Life

    The Stuff of Life

    Things have been busy around these parts, what with a wedding approaching in two weeks, Spring Break this week, sick kiddos last week, and finally buying a new (to us) rig more suitable to this region. The stuff of life. Car shopping is such a[..]
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  • Parts Unknown

    Parts Unknown

    So while all y'all were glued to the television, watching Trump implode by 1) Refusing yet again to release his financials because he really doesn't want you to know how deep is his involvement with Putin 2) Committing treason by daring Russians to find him[..]
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  • Pimping out the Military

    Pimping out the Military

    As if the NFL wasn't knee-deep in dookey already. Now comes a report that they charged the military millions to "pay tribute" to the troops. According to Military.com, this has been a common practice: The Guard paid NFL teams $5.6 million in 2013 and 2014.[..]
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