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  • The Gift of Time

    The Gift of Time

    Opening the dusty jewelry box, I pulled out the gold timepiece given to me on that long-ago Saturday in 1974, the day I graduated from Columbus High. The watch isn't as brilliant as it was that day. It's face-covering has clouded over - or it[..]
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  • Ban the Bible

    Ban the Bible

    [caption id="attachment_7025" align="aligncenter" width="940"] He who controls what you read controls what you think...of if you think at all.[/caption]   The first book I can recall Mama ever reading to us was the Bible. Brother John and I would sit at the dining room table,[..]
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  • Pray for Peace

    Pray for Peace

        I spoke with a soldier friend of mine today. He's an active-duty soldier who has served several tours of duty in Iraq. He is also somebody who grew up in war-torn Sudan. He remembers when he was a child how his homeland was[..]
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  • Martin Luther King & Sudan’s Human Rights Disaster

    Martin Luther King & Sudan’s Human Rights Disaster

        "Our Father who art in Heaven," I prayed, even as a little boy in Sudan, "hallowed be thy name."  I was baptized as a child and learned about God and his will and his Kingdom in Catholic schools.  I have always believed that[..]
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