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  • A Walkabout: Dispatch #1 Scotland

    A Walkabout: Dispatch #1 Scotland

    The flight over the pond was easy-peasey. I know a nine-hour flight seems long, is relatively long, but listen, an hour-long flight into Memphis or Dallas during a thunderstorm can be far longer. In those situations, which I've lived through, every minute seems like an[..]
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  • The Caning of Peckerwood

    The Caning of Peckerwood

    Valentine's is a reminder of the love shared between my parents. It was their anniversary week. There are several tales about how it was the two came to be married on Valentine's week, but I suspect the stories are part myth and part reality. We[..]
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  • They’ve Stolen Jesus

    They’ve Stolen Jesus

        There's a search underway in the town of Ayrshire, Scotland for the Baby Jesus. Someone stole the infant from the manager where he lay sleeping, no crib for his bed. Alec Kelly, who built the nativity scene out of the kindness of his[..]
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  • The Endings

    The Endings

      "Evie set the bar low but Peckerwood just considered it a challenge. There seemed to be no expectation so low that Peckerwood couldn't get beneath it. You know a man ain't worth a wooden nickel when his own mother quits him." - Barbara Thurman, [..]
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  • Dangerous Delusions

    Dangerous Delusions

      In the mid 1960s, we lived in a Filipino village on the island of Oahu. Mama and Daddy were always loathe to live on base. I think they wanted the separation between their family life and Dad's work. Our house was in a cul-de-sac.[..]
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  • Lifting up the Diverse Voices of Appalachia

    Lifting up the Diverse Voices of Appalachia

      I live in the state of juxtapositions. For the past week I've been in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, home to Shepherd University, where I am enrolled as a graduate student in Appalachian Studies. It's a program I've been a part of for the past couple[..]
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  • Reclaiming Jesus from the Evangelicals

    Reclaiming Jesus from the Evangelicals

      I asked her if she had read a certain Christian's blog that we both followed at one time. "No," she replied. "I don't keep up with anything out of the Evangelical community any more." I didn't have to ask why; I already knew.  The[..]
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  • Inside the Battlefront of Nursing

    Inside the Battlefront of Nursing

    We have several healthcare professionals in our family: several nurses, a doctor of physical therapy, a physician assistant or PA, etc. My own mama became a nurse after daddy died, something I think she had wanted to do for a long time prior. When one[..]
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  • Imagine


    If you as a middle-class white male are worried about what 4 more years of a Trump presidency will mean for this country, imagine the fear and anxiety a 22-year-old Black male is facing. If you are a well-to-do white retired woman who is anxious[..]
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