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  • God Not the Guns

    God Not the Guns

    They say it is about God not the guns ... They say it's because America needs to humble itself before God. They say it's because we took prayer out of schools. They say it's because we are no-longer a God-fearing nation. They say it's because[..]
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  • Dispatch #2: A Day in Paisley

    Dispatch #2: A Day in Paisley

      We took the train to Paisley. It's about an hour ride from Ayr. The two-way trip costs about $21 USD. Paisley is home to another University of West Scotland campus. A much larger campus, it is located about a 10-minute walk from the train[..]
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  • Letting Go

    Letting Go

      We are starting out our New Year with one less family member. It was not a death that claimed him. Not a death in the typical sense at any rate, though, if I am completely honest, there have been moments when I think that[..]
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  • The People We Don’t Miss

    The People We Don’t Miss

    Hardly anyone ever mentions the people  we don't miss at the family gatherings. I don't mean those we love who have gone on to what I hope is an eternal celebration and not an eternal rest. I'm talking about the people who no longer gather[..]
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  • That Last Time

    That Last Time

    I've been sitting on the porch listening to 60s hits to drown out the sound of the neighbors barking orders at each other as they build a fence. Two weeks ago, they cut down all the east facing trees that lined their driveway, sending the[..]
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  • Surround Me with Your Boundless Love

    Surround Me with Your Boundless Love

    Editor's note: The artwork via Antioch Church in Bend, Oregon. The artwork is their Easter ministry. It is an outdoor drive-thru display depicting the message of the Gospel. As grandson Sawyer said, "God died for our sins. God is big." Yes, God is very, very[..]
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  • The Girl with the Voice Box and Chris

    The Girl with the Voice Box and Chris

    While I never want to return to life in the trailer park, I am thankful that I was forced into that situation at an early age. No matter how chaotic our lives became in the wake of my father's death, there were always people around[..]
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  • If Wishes Were Horses…

    If Wishes Were Horses…

    There are times when grief feels selfish. Today for instance, on the seventh anniversary of my mother's passing. It feels like an act of selfishness to even admit that I associate the holidays with her death, and that such an association leaves me feeling conflicted.[..]
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  • A Woman of Bleak Faith

    A Woman of Bleak Faith

      Shortly after Mama died, I abandoned my position as a "Christian Blogger." Now I mostly refer to myself as a woman of bleak faith. I didn't leave my position as a Christian writer because I was angry at God. I wasn't. Mama's dying silenced[..]
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