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  • Butts to the Wind

    Butts to the Wind

    Like much of the nation, I have been following the hurricane news. My daughter was in Wilmington, , NC, on Monday and Tuesday so I followed it in part to keep her informed. As one of her friends remarked to me, "Not exactly the time[..]
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  • The Writer’s Life: An Interview with Shepherd U

    The Writer’s Life: An Interview with Shepherd U

    Editor's Note: The following is an interview conducted by Shepherd University staff as part of the Appalachian Writers in Residence award. You can learn more about this program at shepherd.educ I am honored to have been selected Shepherd U's AHWIR for 2018. I will visiting[..]
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  • Lord God, Have Mercy.

    Lord God, Have Mercy.

      It had been a difficult week. Not a week from hell, but hard enough. First came the call from someone house sitting in a panic because the washing machine was flooding the upstairs. "Uh, I'm like 3,000 miles away. Call somebody local," I wisely[..]
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  • Stories Behind the Story

    Stories Behind the Story

      There was that moment, (you knew there would be one, didn't you?), when Kimberly Faith Hickman, the insightful and masterful director of MOTHER OF RAIN, took me by the hand after the show and said, "You have to hear this story." This was on[..]
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  • Distress Call at Spivey’s

    Distress Call at Spivey’s

      Lord, I am busier than a one-armed fiddler in a snake pit. What has me so busy? Besides preparing vocabulary exams and reading essays from 140 students, you mean? I'm cranking up for book tour for BURDY. It kicks off this weekend. Saturday at  11[..]
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  • He Reads

    He Reads

    [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvVn5DZBRks[/embed]   I will be signing copies of Burdy at Inklings Bookstore in Yakima, Saturday, August 8. If you would like an autographed copy you can call Inklings ahead of time and reserve a copy. The friendly staff will be happy to ship a copy to you.[..]
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  • Serendipity


        The other night while walking Tim & I ran into someone we hadn't seen in ages. She had just gotten back from France, where she had visited Bayeux, Basse-Normandie, France, the town where much of Burdy takes place. Here's what the always delightful Karen[..]
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  • Fiddleheads: Giveaway

    Fiddleheads: Giveaway

    This is no joke. It's time to register for the giveaway from Fiddleheads. All you have to do is leave your name. I'll select a winner in the next week and Fiddleheads will ship you something fabulous. Maybe one of their bunnies. Or some of[..]
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  • Holy Week Hymn

    Holy Week Hymn

    I had been in the backyard working on one of those DIY projects. Years ago, Tim built a log glider and gave it to me as a gift. Mother's Day, I think it was. At our current home, I have two rockers, a porch swing[..]
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