Tag: 1960s

  • The Banjo Player

    The Banjo Player

    He was standing next to a pick-up with New Jersey license plates with a banjo strapped around his neck and a face mask pushed up on his head. "Look for the people who wear face masks," someone suggested. "They will be the people who believe[..]
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  • Rap Music 60s version

    Rap Music 60s version

    [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xPFVFm8NpA[/embed] True confession: Sometimes Tim and I put on old music and dance. We are not good dancers, either one of us, but we do it anyway. Nobody is watching us but the dogs, so who cares? Well, I mean the dogs care. They don't[..]
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  • After the Flag Has Been Folded: Excerpt

    After the Flag Has Been Folded: Excerpt

    In one of the letters he sent Mama from Nam, Daddy referred to their first date: “I remember when I took some good looking girl to the carnival in Kingsport. Do you remember?” The letter arrived shortly after Daddy died. In that same letter, he[..]
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