Praying for POTUS


I have prayed for Trump for four years now, and I will continue to pray in the same vein: I pray for all the darkness to be brought to light. I pray not for a healing for his body, but a humbling of his soul.

While I recognize his humanity, I will not overlook his inhumanity.

He politicized a pandemic instead of doing right by the country. He mocked mask wearers and social distancing. While teachers and healthcare workers suffered and died, he held rallies and employed inflammatory rhetoric to incite violence in the streets and in our grocery stores. Whatever suffering he endures, he earned.

Young people died. Children died. Grandparents died. Spouses died. And he continued to call the pandemic a hoax. He continued to say it would just disappear. He has been the most horrible human to ever hold the office of presidency during a time when we sorely needed a leader who cared about us. I have read story after story of people dying alone, a recent one from a soldier who had to say goodbye to his dying mother over a cell phone.

I don’t know how his cult members will rationalize their Celebrity falling prey to a hoax but I am sure QAnon will think of something.

I do not hope this goes easy for him because it would only underscore his already terrifying eugenics worldview.

Trump is a horrible human being who has hurt millions of people.

His being sick doesn’t rewrite that reality. And far as I know, Covid does not have any affect upon a person’s character. Racists who get Covid are just Racists with Covid.

Perhaps this will be Trump’s “Come to Jesus” moment one way or another. That is certainly something I am praying for.

Karen Spears Zacharias

Author/Journalist/Educator. Gold Star Daughter.

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