Lowe’s: Racking up the violation fines

Our local Lowe’s store was one of two stores fined by OSHA last week for violating the masks mandates and not providing for the safety of their employees. OSHA determined that the Lowe’s Home Improvement Store #2865 knew that they were not providing for the safety of their employees but were willfully disobeying state mandates and putting their workers at risk.
I am a regular Lowe’s shopper. We buy our birdseed at Lowe’s and in the past I have purchased many of my spring planting goods there. 
Not any more.

Yesterday while in an aisle looking for an item, a couple in their 40s walked up right behind me. Neither was wearing a mask. Not only were they not wearing one, they didn’t even have one pulled down on their chin or around their necks.
I moved to the end of the aisle, 6 ft. from them, then turned and asked if they knew that by not wearing their masks they were putting others at risk. They replied that they didn’t have to wear one. I disagreed and told them that it is a state mandate from Governor Kate Brown that they have to wear masks. They said it violated their Constitutional Rights. Then followed that with it was against their religious rights.
I replied that they just didn’t give a fuck about others.
“Thank you, Karen,” the woman called out.
She didn’t know my name she was just referring to all the memes of right-wing nutjobs that have been labeled Karen. She thought it would insult me, but it just amused me to be called by the name my parents gave me. 
Since Friday, two of my friends on Facebook have lost family members to Covid.
Since Friday, I spoke with a neighbor who has just returned from a trip to Georgia where she spent 3 weeks with her mother as she battled Covid. Her mother was finally released from ICU, but she came home on fulltime oxygen. She has a mass on her lungs that will be scanned in a couple of weeks. So she isn’t out of the woods yet. My neighbor is fully vaccinated but her sister refuses to get vaccinated for fear of the Mark of the Beast or government chip or some other lame excuse.
The number of infections locally and in the state are on the rise, yet, somehow the “religious” among us see getting vaccinated as a lack of faith in God. Some of the left behind believe getting vaccinated shows a lack of faith in God. Imagine if a third of the country had refused the polio vaccine.
Imagine a store manager telling his/her employees that they didn’t need to get the polio vaccine. Imagine such a store manager actually purposefully going out of their way to expose their employees to polio. Imagine if religious people went around telling folks that getting the polio vaccine showed a lack of faith in God. Or that getting the polio vaccine would mean give the government mind-control over you.
Personally, I think many of these anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers would be better served if the government had a way to insert a chip to control them.
Lord knows they aren’t putting their own minds to good use. 
Karen Spears Zacharias is author of Will Jesus Buy Me a Doublewide ’cause I need more room for my plasma TV. (Zondervan).

Karen Spears Zacharias

Author/Journalist/Educator. Gold Star Daughter.

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about 2 years ago

Amen and amen; please, God, don’t send me to their heaven when they kill me! 👊


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