God Not the Guns

They say it is about God not the guns …

They say it’s because America needs to humble itself before God.

They say it’s because we took prayer out of schools.

They say it’s because we are no-longer a God-fearing nation.

They say it’s because we lack discipline in our homes.

They say it’s because we want to make space for the history of people of color.

They say it’s because our children are mentally ill.

They say it’s because America needs to repent and turn their hearts toward God.

They say it’s because their party is the only party that truly loves God.

They say if Americans would turn our hearts toward God, he would “heal our nation” and once again make America great.

But I am left asking….

Do all truly godly people live here in the UK because it is here in the UK that mass shootings have ceased?

Do only those in Norway discipline their children, and raise them up to love God, because in their country the mass shootings have stopped?

Do the people in New Zealand, both white and brown, kneel before God each morning and ask Creator to honor them like no other because of their faultless devotion to Jesus Christ? Is that why their children are safe at schools?

Did the Aussies give up their beer and their beach flings and rid its country of immigrants, and LGBTQ in a contract with the Almighty so that they would never again have another mass shooting?

Did Canada outlaw abortions so that God would show them favor? Is that why they don’t have children slaughtered in their elementary schools?

Did the people in France make a deal with God that they would be better Catholics if only God would keep their children from being gunned down at school, and their grannies in the grocers?

Did Japan begin distributing Gideon Bibles to everyone and urging them to turn their hearts toward God? Is that why they don’t have any mass shootings in their schools?

Did the Germans promise to baptize every baby born into the Lutheran way if only God would stop the mass shootings in their country?

Do you really think that God is deploying mass shooters all across America as a wake-up call to get us be like the good Christians in all those other countries?

Do you really believe that God would stop the mass shooters if only people would declare Jesus as Lord the way the Aussies and Kiwis must have done?

Do you really believe that all these other countries who have been able to greatly curb mass shootings made some bargain with the Lord Jesus Christ and that’s why their kids are safe at schools and their grandparents safe in the grocers, and ours aren’t?

Do you really believe it’s God and not the guns?

Karen Spears Zacharias is author of The Murder Gene, available wherever fine books are sold.

Karen Spears Zacharias

Author/Journalist/Educator. Gold Star Daughter.


AF Roger

about 1 year ago

You asked many, many questions. For a whole lot of us, apparently, they would have the same answer: Yes. Simple answers are easier to propose than the more complex correct ones. Isn't it interesting that the blame focuses on what is wrong with other people, rather than what we ourselves are doing or failing to do. Modern America also seems to have fallen deeply under the thrall of Ayn Randism. I didn't begin to understand this until I read Bill McKibben's book Falter. See p. 90 and forward from there. From the thinking of former presidents, to sitting Supreme Court justices, to the heads of powerful energy companies, to the philosophy of an entire political party, Rand has shaped America and the American psyche as few individuals ever have. Ironic that her views of things have been so attractive to much of American Christianity that she herself wanted little or northing to do with. We feel as if we are coming apart in America today, but were we ever really that together in the first place? Breaking news: 9 new victims in Phoenix. Another day in America. Correction: another hour.



about 1 year ago

Two thoughts: 1. I do find it difficult to believe that someone who truly feared God as taught in the New Testament would commit a premeditated mass shooting. Taking everyone's guns away would clearly end gun violence, but this doesn't mean that the current crisis hasn't been caused by people being indoctrinated into naturalism, moral relativism, and hedonism. 2. The problem with Ayn Rand, in my opinion, is not so much that she promoted Capitalism as that she promoted complete and utter selfishness. Capitalism is a good system for a moral people, since it essentially just means economic freedom. No system is good for an immoral people, but the system which seems to always arise for them is monarchy or essentially dictatorship.


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