Author: Karen Spears Zacharias

  • Hometown Encounters

    Hometown Encounters

    It was his tweed cap that I noticed when he saddled up beside me. I was seated at a table inside Roundabout Books as part of an autograph day for local authors. I recognized the fabric of the cap. I'd seen a man wearing a[..]
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  • About the Boy’s Birth Day

    About the Boy’s Birth Day

    I had just returned to the VRBO where I was isolating when my son called. "Are you watching the vote count?" he asked. "Not yet," I replied. "I just got back from the hospital." Our daughter Shelby had given birth earlier that morning. It was[..]
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  • Resolve to Be Well-Loved

    Resolve to Be Well-Loved

    It is noticeable from afar, even to complete strangers or the completely unobservant, this difference between being well-loved and newly loved. Princess has been well-loved her entire life-long. Like the Velveteen Rabbit, most of her fur has rubbed off or matted or just gone a[..]
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  • The Lies Behind the Headlines

    The Lies Behind the Headlines

    I had a driveway moment this morning. You ever have those? I've had numerous ones over the years, that moment when you are listening to a story or report on NPR and it's so compelling you can't get out of the car until the report[..]
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  • The Gift of Time

    The Gift of Time

    Opening the dusty jewelry box, I pulled out the gold timepiece given to me on that long-ago Saturday in 1974, the day I graduated from Columbus High. The watch isn't as brilliant as it was that day. It's face-covering has clouded over - or it[..]
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  • The Sins of that Texas AG

    The Sins of that Texas AG

    Pre-born children. That's the latest term pro-lifers are using for fetuses. Pre-born children isn't a medical term. You won't find it in use in any of the textbooks that medical students study. It would be akin to calling seniors "pre-death adults," I suppose. Words matter.[..]
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  • Aunt Grace’s Carrot Cake

    Aunt Grace’s Carrot Cake

    It was Thanksgiving of 1974. I was on break from my first term at Berry College in Rome, Georgia. A few weeks after I'd graduated from Columbus High School, Mama had packed up the household belongings, loaded my little sister into the car and took[..]
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  • Media’s Coercion of Evangelicals

    Media’s Coercion of Evangelicals

    CNN asked a former evangelical what it would take for Evangelicals to abandon Trump and he replied: "People are often looking for some revelation that’s going to get people to stop supporting him but I think we’re beyond that in most cases." What CNN and[..]
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  • When Your Pastor Has Secrets

    When Your Pastor Has Secrets

    Perhaps you read the story of the Alabama pastor who took his own life this week? My social media feeds have been full of the story of Bubba Copeland of Smiths Station, Alabama. I saw it when the news first broke of Copeland's death by[..]
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  • Lessons on Protesting & Praying

    Lessons on Protesting & Praying

    On every Social Media and news site I am bombarded with stories about college students rising up against the violence in the Middle East, specifically the innocent people in Gaza caught up in a war between Hamas terrorists and Israeli Defense Forces. There are fights[..]
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