A Supreme Court Marriage: Trump & Thiel


I cancelled my PayPal account after the GOP convention, after I learned that Peter Thiel was supporting Donald Trump. When a PayPal rep asked why I was cancelling my long-standing account I told them exactly why. “I understand,” the poor rep replied.

Now it seems that a lot of Trump’s supporters are going to be facing their own conflicting decisions: Do I? Or don’t I?

For months now, Trump has been baiting GOPers and fence-sitters with the same mantra: Remember the Supreme Court.

It’s the heroin he holds out for the conservative values addict, tempting them, taunting them. “You want it? You gotta vote for me.” It is the perfect form of bullying the elderly, the good-hearted, those committed to overturning Roe v. Wade. In other words, only the completely delusional. Roe v. Wade will only ever be overturned by appointing the kind of Supreme Court that would willingly institute an Americanized version of Sharia Law, the very thing the values-based conservative decries but fails to realize the similarities between.

The Huffington Post is reporting that Peter Thiel is telling folks that Donald Trump intends to appoint him to the Supreme Court.

All those good Christian folks who have blindly lent their support to Donald Trump because he bullied them or tempted them with the promise of conservative judge appointments to the Supreme Court, are now going to be faced with the question of another values-based dilemma because Peter Thiel would be the first-openly gay member of the court.

He would also be the richest member to hold court. And you’d have to be completely delusional to think that money would not influence a venture capitalist’s decision-making. Altho, if you are already supporting Trump you have agreed to overlook his murky business dealings with Putin and other nefarious characters.

My conservative friends and family members who are supporting Trump have already had to put asides their judgments about his immigrant, former porn star wife. They are already uncomfortable voting in a man who says such hateful and bigoted things. They keep telling themselves he’s going to become more presidential once he’s president. (I keep recommending they read Scot Peck’s People of the Lie.)

My conservative Christian friends and family members who have been supporting Trump have done so dragging their feet. They don’t actually like much about the man, if anything. They don’t believe for a second he’s a Christian, a believer. That’s why they keep employing that verse about how God can use anyone, how God appoints kings, good ones and bad ones. That’s just a form of blame-shifting, mind you. By saying God appointed Trump for such a time as this, then they absolve themselves of any guilt or responsibility in voting for him. They are Lady MacBeth washing the blood from their hands. They want to be able to say that they only were conduits for what God wanted. Sigh. Poor God.

Speaking of blood, Thiel has a hankering for the blood of the young. Obsessed with death and seeking ways to avoid it, Thiel has financed some wacky Fountain of Youth research. He’s channeled millions of dollars into startups researching therapies for his personal use. He is reportedly a fan of parabiosis, the process of having younger people’s blood transfused into his own veins. Creepy, no? Do your own Google search on the matter.

All my conservative values-based friends and family, who so want Roe v Wade overturned that they are willing to turn a blind eye to everything Trump represents, will not be able to overlook the possible appointment of an openly Gay man to the Supreme Court. The very suggestion will leave them even more discombobulated.

These people are against abortion and gay marriage.

They are the same people who decry gay marriage and gay people as the ultimate sin on this nation, the reason God has turned his back on America. I can’t wait to hear how Dobson, Falwell, and Graham spin this announcement in Trump’s favor.

I feel bad for my friends and family members who are now faced with the question of which of the two sins is greater? Yes, gay marriage is already the law of the land, but so is abortion. The Christians I know supporting Trump intend to get both of these laws overturned by a conservative Supreme Court.

They are throwing their collective weight behind Trump for the hope of that.

That hope seems a little less likely to materialize (For the pragmatic among us, it was never going to materialize).

So do they? Or don’ t they support a candidate who misrepresents everything they stand for as values-based conservatives?

They have to decide, and they’ll have to do so pretty quickly.

For all the young and disenfranchised among us, who are claiming that they are going to support a third-party candidate, especially you young girls, you had better read up on Thiel, he has some pretty outrageous views on women. Given the opportunity, he will seek to limit your lives in ways you never imagined.

The one thing that is clear about Trump and Thiel is that they both feed off being vindictive. At their core, they are angry white men, and if you want a hint at what it means to be subjugated by angry white men, read Ursula LeGuin’s The Wife’s Story.

That man you think you can trust is not who you think he is.


Karen Spears Zacharias is the author of Burdy (Mercer University Press).


Karen Spears Zacharias

Author/Journalist/Educator. Gold Star Daughter.


Linda Williamson

about 6 years ago

No he is not. He scares me in ever so many ways. I am totally bewildered that he became the nominee of my party when he is truly the antithesis of all that I would expect in my president. How did we get to the place where so many are considering him to be a viable candidate? Am I going to wake on Novemer 9th in fear for the future of this great nation - in fear that my country which is already great no longer will be?


Karen Spears Zacharias

about 6 years ago

Yes, I share those fears.



about 6 years ago

I hesitate to use even the word antithesis to describe Mr. Trump. He may well be one of the most ad hoc human beings to have lived. The man seems to need no factual (read: based in reality) information whatsoever to think what he thinks. Witness his complete fabrication of an explanation of the birther issue and the assigned blame. Some people have said that a President Trump wouldn't have to know much about world affairs and that by surrounding himself with "good people" he would rise above the fray and move forward swimmingly. Well... We know this. He does listen to what some people tell him. And he holds onto that for an hour or a day and a half at best. And then he NEVER takes responsibility for anything. He couldn't even take responsibility for having stepped out of bounds at the church he was invited to in Detroit. The next day he was berating the pastor for being an emotional basket case and framed his whole blunder as yet another example of his being put into a situation that was rigged against him. This is exactly what he would do on a daily and weekly basis as President of the United States of America. I don't think one could even run a drug cartel this way. If we could EVER get Donald Trump to release his tax returns, we would know absolutely critical information about this man. He apparently does not want us to know that because money seems to be his god, and following the trail of money would reveal to us his true heart. Are we willing to elect this man with no clue what's there? Apparently so. Heaven help us.


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