Month: January 2017

  • Between Moscow & Death Star

    Between Moscow & Death Star

    I don't do cold weather, y'all. I mean like really. I don't. Give me a sweltering day, a big old thunderstorm, a tornado even, I can handle all that. I know how to make do. Just please don't abandon me to the frozen tundra. Most[..]
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  • A Fortunate Girl

    A Fortunate Girl

    The roads are slick with snow and ice. The sky is grey and foreboding. Holed up here in my office, thinking of Karly Sheehan. Today is her birthday. Or the day that marks what is her 15th birthday, although Karly died at age 3. Tortured,[..]
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  • My Prayers for 2017

    My Prayers for 2017

      I have this painting that a friend made me. It is a colorful painting with a big yellow sun in it and the phrase "FIND YOUR HAPPY" in big bold letters. FIND YOUR HAPPY. Many a theologian has warned us that if we go[..]
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