• Ban the Bible

    Ban the Bible

    [caption id="attachment_7025" align="aligncenter" width="940"] He who controls what you read controls what you think...of if you think at all.[/caption]   The first book I can recall Mama ever reading to us was the Bible. Brother John and I would sit at the dining room table,[..]
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  • We were Never Meant to be the Same

    We were Never Meant to be the Same

      Tim is sitting near me, reading aloud about an ancestor of his who pastored a church for 38 years. A German Reformed Church in Fredrick, Maryland. Stonewall Jackson once attended Daniel Zacharias's church, but he fell asleep during the sermon so I don't think[..]
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  • The Pilgrimage to Narnia

    The Pilgrimage to Narnia

    In order to tour the C.S. Lewis home, The Kilns, one must email in advance and arrange a tour. The home is not open to the public otherwise. I didn't know that, of course, until just a couple of weeks ago. I don't even know[..]
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  • Scotland’s Forgotten Poet

    Scotland’s Forgotten Poet

    As you might guess, part of an Appalachian Studies Degree includes studying the displacement of Scots and Irish peoples groups. It also includes studying those who shaped the cultures of the various regions - writers, musicians, politicians, etc. Throughout my studies, I have focused primarily[..]
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  • God Not the Guns

    God Not the Guns

    They say it is about God not the guns ... They say it's because America needs to humble itself before God. They say it's because we took prayer out of schools. They say it's because we are no-longer a God-fearing nation. They say it's because[..]
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  • Dispatch #10: Get Distracted in Scotland

    Dispatch #10: Get Distracted in Scotland

    Assessments have had us holed up in the library at the University of West Scotland over the past few weeks. We are here working on graduate degrees, remember? The library at UWS is quite modern and books can be retrieved from libraries throughout Scotland. Sitting[..]
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  • Podcast of The Murder Gene: Chapter One

    Podcast of The Murder Gene: Chapter One

      Part of what I've been doing in Scotland is working on the skill of podcasting. In this episode, I visit with Phil and Holly, two talents from Canada. We are talking about the new book. You can hear from the killer himself in this[..]
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  • Evidence of Our Humanity

    Evidence of Our Humanity

    I remember the first time I realized what an angry people Americans are. I'd pretty much gone about life thinking that Americans overall were generally kind folks who really cared about one another. For the most part, that was the bubble in which I lived.[..]
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  • Dispatch #9: Lessons from Traveling

    Dispatch #9: Lessons from Traveling

    The Queen isn't the only one. Pocketbooks are a thing here, among a certain age group at least. I see men and women carrying them. Of course there are backpacks as well. And in Glasgow it is common to see people pulling suitcases from one[..]
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