When Law Enforcement Gets it Right

Can  we sit still for a moment

and give thanks?

Just be still

And consider

All the ways in which

Law Enforcement

from California



Worked together

Toward one common goal?

Can we sit for a moment

and give thanks

For the ways in which

the FBI put themselves at risk

To save one child

A girl child.

Can we breath in life

and exhale gratitude

for the many ways in which

this rescue could have gone


Can we say a prayer for that


Because nobody,

not even those who carry guns

as part of their daily profession,

really wants to kill another

human being.

Can we say a prayer

of intervention

for the family

who now grieves

the mother murdered

the boy-child killed

And Hannah

who survived it all

Because four  hikers on horseback

took the time to see

the fear in her eyes

A fear that

unsettled them

Should I do something?

they asked

Then they did it

They called law enforcement

Can we take a moment

and give thanks

for the men and women

who serve us

day in

day out

These are the people

who weep when

we weep

And rejoice when

they are able

to bring our children

home safely.

Before we rush off to the next headline

the next scandal

the next shooting

the next Amber Alert

Can we  take a moment

And bow our head in thankfulness,

along with Hannah’s family,

For each police officer,

sheriff’s deputy

FBI agent

and support staff

who serve so willingly

so ably

with uncommon devotion.

Thank you for bringing

Hannah home alive

God bless you.

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