When is Enuff Enuff?

Dear Ms. Robin:

Thank you for sending me this very thoughtful invitation. I’m sure you are a very smart woman. Anyone who charges people money in order to teach others how to not spend money so that the person teaching others how not to spend money can make more money ought to be running for Congress.

Regrettably, I will not be attending your class. It’s just one less thing for me to pay for and one less thing for me to do. See what a quick learner I am? Everyone says so.

You might benefit from reading Will Jesus Buy Me a Double-Wide? Seems like you have some issues you might need to work on.


P.S. Are you related to Joel Osteen, Bernie Madoff or David Cerullo? Just wondering.


Announcing the new Fall Teleclasses

with Vicki Robin


Vicki Robin here, coauthor of the bestseller Your Money or Your Life, inviting you to join me for my 5-week teleclass:

The Power of Enough
How Much is Enough?
Of Anything?
And How do we Know?

 The teleclass starts on September 13, 5:15-6:30 PM PST and we’ll cover the 8 principles and 12 practices of “enough” with a lot of honesty, insight, good-humor and community. Anyone can listen in to Class One as our guest though I hope you’ll sign up for the series now – and there’s a discount if you do.

As the nearly 300 of you joined the recent How Much is Enough?free webinar produced by the Environmental Protection Agency know, the idea of “enough” is a powerful challenge to the culture of more.

The focus was money and the environment (it was the EPA after all), but it could have been about food. Or time. Or “to-do’s”. Or committees. Or emails.

We’ve been told that “more is better” but that little idea has made a big mess of our lives. We do too much, have stuff we don’t need, are stressed, sick, tired, overwhelmed and way out of balance. We’ve lost our true appetite for life and that naturally comes with a stop signal.

 Sound all too familiar? Well, in this class you will have the opportunity to take back your life. And time. And calendar. And inbox. And peace of mind.

 The Power of Enough; How Much is Enough? Of Anything? And how do we Know? classes are weekly from 5:15-6:30 PM PST and conducted on the phone (not the web so you participate at home, on the bus, in a coffee shop or even watching the sunset).

Class One is called Free Enough; Having More of What Matters Most and I’m inviting you to listen in on that one to see if you want to do the whole class. Go ahead. Click the link and you’re in.

Sign up for the whole 5-week class before the free one though and it’s only $95. After that it’s $110.

 If you only want to take the free class, be my guest. You’ll get some key insights into your “too muchness” in just that hour+. 

I hope you’ll go for the whole ride, though. People in last year’s class cleared out more that closets. They cleared out whatever got in the way of a balanced life – overwork, dead relationships, too-big homes. What do you want to work on in the context of an insightful, supportive community?

Thanks for reading all this. I’ll be back in your inbox (not too much I hope) a few times this week to tell you about my free money classes, the new KickStart your FI Engineteleclass – and an exciting trip to Brazil.   I hope to “see” you in all our Fall classes,

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