Trayvon Martin: Cause Celibre


There are no protesters in the streets here in Kandern, Germany. No one even mentioned the Zimmerman trial at dinner last night, although several did remark on the beauty of the stone church in the valley below.

I learned about the non-guilty decision the same way many people learned of it, through the go-to-news channel of the here and now:  Facebook.

I saw the photos of protestors via Twitter.

And I can only say that from across the big pond things look different.

Those protesters flooding Times Square look more like the post-game crowds at a Florida-Georgia game. It’s hard to believe that what drew them to the streets was the injustice of it all.

Here’s the thing I can’ t help but wonder — if all these people really cared about justice, why aren’t they doing more about it on a daily basis?

Because if these same people who are storming the streets and Facebook with all their rants about fairness and justice and race relations, actually took the streets in ministering to those living on the frayed ends of splintered society, how much better off would we all be?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for people taking to the streets to protest. In fact, I can’t help but wonder where have all these protesters been while our own federal government has been spying on us?

Where have all these protesters been when Congress knowingly continued to send our servicemen and women into wars based on fictions of their imaginations?

Where have all these protesters been while black boys and black girls have been gunned down at alarming rates in Chicago?

Where were all these protesters when a crazed teenager attempted to massacre an entire school at Newtown?

Where were all these protesters when a masked gunman took to a movie theater in Colorado?

Where were all these protesters when Helen Ford tortured and murdered her own 8-year old granddaughter?

So spare me the righteous indignation over Travyon Martin. If these so-called protesters really cared about injustice they would do more than take to the streets whenever the CNN and FoxNews cameras showed up.

The truth is they are only there because Travyon Martin is the latest cause celibre.

These people are not real protesters.

They are simply mobs on a rampage.

Unlike the protesters of the 1960s, these mobs aren’t willing to work for change — they are in it simply for the short-haul.


Karen Spears Zacharias is author of the forthcoming Mother of Rain, Sept. 2013.


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