The Nurse Who Mocked Covid


Did you hear about the Oregon Oncology nurse who posted a bragging video on TikTok about how she travels as she likes,  doesn’t wear a mask when she’s off work and lets her kids have unfettered play dates? You can get the story here. 

This on the heels of the earlier post I made about how exhausted nurses are due to Covid surge. Over 1,700 healthcare workers have died from Covid nationwide.

Salem Health has declined to identify the nurse who put up the now removed video, but they did release a statement:

Yesterday, a nurse employed with Salem Health posted a video on social media which displayed cavalier disregard for the seriousness of this pandemic and her indifference towards physical distancing and masking outside of work. This video has prompted an outcry from concerned community members. We want to thank those of you who brought this to our attention and assure you that we are taking this very seriously. This individual does not speak for Salem Health and has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. We also want to assure you that this one careless statement does not reflect the position of Salem Health or the hardworking and dedicated caregivers who work here. Salem Health believes we all need to do our part to protect the vulnerable and stop the rapid spread of COVID-19. This includes requiring staff, patients and visitors to follow guidance from the CDC and others about mask wearing and social distancing. The COVID pandemic is serious and requires a serious response. And at Salem Health we are very serious about our approach to COVID.


The nurse is reportedly married to a teacher at West Salem High School. So you have two people in a household, both of whom are essential workers, both of whom undoubtedly come into contact with contagious people and at least one of which is acting like an utter ass.

The pushback on Salem Health’s Facebook page has been intense. The nurse has been identified. Her professional license number has released along with a link to the website for reporting her to the state licensure board. It is likely she will be fired. She may end up losing her nursing license, and frankly, she probably should.

Did you get the part where I identified her as an “oncology” nurse? She is working with some of the most immunocompromised patients in the hospital.

My own sister is dealing with the lasting effects of breast cancer treatment on a daily basis. The drugs she takes. The side affects she endures. The compromised system she now has to tend to. I’ve had more than one conversation with family members about the need to protect her and not put her at risk for Covid.

The hospital could be sued by any one of those patients this nurse treated.

My Social Media timelines are full of stories of people who have loved ones on respirators or who have passed away due to Covid. Yet, even in my own family, I have a medical professional who uses her Social Media to spout off about how she thinks Covid is a hoax. Granted she doesn’t work a 40-hour a week job and apparently has never worked directly with Covid patients like others in my family. Still, she mocks Covid

And you wonder how Trump got elected? People are willfully illiterate, full of opinions, short on facts and totally lacking in any critical thinking skills.

Did you know that GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has held up any Covid Relief for Americans?

McConnell is the reason the food lines stretch for miles in Texas and California.

McConnell is the reason tens of thousands will soon lose their unemployment benefits.

McConnell is the reason Americans have only gotten one $1200 relief check in 2020 to help us through the pandemic, while countries around the globe have provided as much as $7,000 a month to their citizens and universal healthcare to boot.

Small businesses are getting help in other countries. Not in America, thanks to McConnell.

McConnell has held up all kinds of Covid Relief for one simple reason: McConnell wants Democrats to sign off on a no-liability clause for Covid Relief.

McConnell wants a clause that would exempt hospitals like Salem Health from being held liable should a nurse who refused to follow CDC guidelines infects a cancer patient with Covid.

McConnell thinks chicken producers should not be held accountable should their workers get Covid and die because of a lack of safety protocols.

McConnell thinks Governors like Ron DeSantis who opened bars and restaurants, and forbid mayors from mask mandates in defiance of CDC guidelines should not be held liable for the over million people infected with Covid.

McConnell will not let any Covid relief bill move forward without a clause that excuses any corporate or local business from lack of safety protocols to protect the public-at-large.

Democrats believe that businesses have to be held responsible to safety protocols, for grocery clerks, and meat producers, for educators and yes, hospital workers like the oncology nurse at Salem Health. They refuse to sign off on McConnell dangerous no-liability clause.

And thus, McConnell continues to hold the American public hostage during a global pandemic.

The nurse at Salem Health proves why our legislators ought to continue to insist on accountability when it comes to protecting the public. If a nurse will put cancer patients at risk for Covid, imagine what a Covid-denier might demand from their employees.

Karen Spears Zacharias is an author of Karly Sheehan: The True Crime Story behind Karly’s Law.


Karen Spears Zacharias

Author/Journalist/Educator. Gold Star Daughter.


Linda Williamson

about 2 years ago

I am so in agreement with all of what you said. In our community I am constantly so perplexed and frankly appalled by the choices that people, including family and friends make. When we ride out in the safety of our car we are consistently taken aback by the number of cars in the parking lots of restaurants. In my neighborhood one house had 13 cars on Thanksgiving and 10 cars the following Saturday - certainly a potential for a small super spreader event. Do these people make such poor decisions because they are Trump supporters and if he thinks it is OK, then so do they? Do these people think COVID is a hoax because they are science deniers? Are they the same ones who also deny evolution, climate change, etc., etc. Are they all part of the 70+ million who voted for #thatman and wanted us to become a nation led by a dictator rather than a democracy? Or are they simply misinformed or uninformed because they are all Fox News watchers? But wait, even Fox News is beginning to realize that things have gotten so far out of hand that they have to pull back a bit (or so I have been told that is what is happening on Fox). I have so much hope in Biden/Harris, but frankly feel that the load placed on them to right the wrongs, put us back together, unite us once again with our greatest allies and unite us as a nation is so overwhelming and such an obstacle given the number who really believe the presidency was "stolen". They certainly need the prayers of all who support them.


Karen Spears Zacharias

about 2 years ago

Linda: I wish I knew the answer. I agree that there is too much being expected out of Biden/Harris, especially if McConnell continues to control the Senate. Hoping Georgia voters turn out to reject Perdue and Loeffler. But people are so very selfish. I am hopeful however given the diversity of the upcoming administration that there will be a plurality of solutions to the overwhelming problems we face. Meanwhile, I want you to stay as safe as possible. Stay away from selfish neighbors. :) Love you girl.


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