The Motivator

 You may have heard the news about China surpassing Japan in economic standing in the world. This park bench might help explain how that happened. Officials in China have outfitted benches with steel spikes designed to prod people from loitering too long.

Anyone wanting to spend an afternoon lazing away the day better come with a bag full of coins. Forget to feed the bench and you’ll soon be lying on a bed of nails.

No worries, though, Chinese officials say the spikes are too short to harm a person. Altho, I’m guessing that would all depend upon the condition of one’s bum.

China’s parks are often crowded with people. Uh. I thought the point of a park was to provide  people with a place to gather.

And you thought your mama was a pain when she prodded you to get up off your hinney and do something.

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