The God of Christian Nationalists

I have been listening to the podcast “Teaching Texas” on Apple podcast. It follows the journey of how textbooks are adopted and how the state of Texas has held a critical influential role in what is included and what is excluded in textbooks across America.

As the podcast documents, the rise in Christian Nationalism has been an intentional push by those who embrace the political and religious ideology that the United States was always intended to be an explicitly Christian nation governed by Bible-based laws.

These people number in the millions all across this nation.

They are our loved ones. Brothers. Sisters. Aunts. Uncles. Preachers. Police. Teachers. Doctors. Drunks. Drug addicts. Do-gooders and those who are good-for-nothing. Savvy politicians and smarmy ones, too.

Many who decry a one-world order and have used it as a political flash point for decades are vying for a world in which everyone thinks just as they do.

It’s weird when you really get down to it.

Do you ever wonder what the United States would look like if these Christian Nationalists were to be successful in their bid to control this country?

I don’t mean letting the thought flit through your head and out of it. I mean for you to seriously study what such a nation would look like, if these people get their way:

  • Women of child-bearing age would no longer be in the workforce, unless, of course, they are unmarried. Of course, those unmarried would be shunned and mocked.
  • Marriage would only be between one man and one woman.
  • Divorce would be outlawed.
  • Adultery would be punishable by stoning.
  • White Men would run the cities, the counties, and the country.
  • Immigrants would be welcomed but then likely enslaved.
  • No intermarriages would be allowed. There would be no bi-racial children ever.
  • LGBTQ people would be executed.
  • Men would have the right to rape their wives and there would be no recourse in the courts.
  • Children who talk back and disobey could be stoned to death.
  • Prohibition would become law.
  • Everyone would have to tithe 10 percent or more of their income to the church.
  • There would only be one religion, a Judeo-Christian-State-Run religion. Everyone would have to worship at the state-run church.
  • Women would hold no positions of leadership anywhere.
  • The Supreme Court would be white men only.
  • Congress would be white men only.
  • Cursing could result in imprisonment.
  • Voting would be restricted to landowning white men.

I am sure you can think of plenty of other examples if you let your mind really study what Christian Nationalists and the Federalist Society want America to look like.

Without a return to the foundations of this country, Christian Nationalists claim that God will withdraw his favor upon America.

As for me and my house, we have no interest in being ruled over by the God of Christian Nationalism.

I believe in the God of All People.

The God who doesn’t believe America is any more exceptional or in anyway more special than Uganda or Ukraine.

The God I serve loves women and immigrants and the LGBTQ community.

The God I serve loathes arrogance and liars and those who seek to do harm to others, and those who seek to have power over others.

The God I serve supports autonomy for all people.

The God I serve isn’t interested in micro-managing people’s lives, or in governing nations.

The God I serve makes one demand of us: Love.

Love God. Love others. Love yourself.

Operate your life from that center and all things will be added unto you.

The God of Christian Nationalists looks an awful lot like the God of countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia, and other places where rulers exploit religion as a means to maintain control over the masses.

If that isn’t the kind of country you want to live in, get off your behinney  and go vote these people out.

Because if we fail to at that, we may very soon be living lives we never envisioned.

Karen Spears Zacharias is author The Murder Gene. Available wherever fine books are sold. 



Karen Spears Zacharias

Author/Journalist/Educator. Gold Star Daughter.


about 4 months ago

Karen, I agree completely. We must never give up the fight for what is right.


Robin Porter

about 4 months ago

Thank you Karen for getting to the heart of the matter- love. I believe in the God of all people too💕


AF Roger

about 4 months ago

At first read, this seems a bit extreme. Careful consideration, however, confirms it with countless historical examples. Having had hands laid upon me in the rite of ordination, I constantly wrestle with what that means today and the history of my own faith. One of the most difficult books I've ever had to read in life was required by seminary course work. It is Christian scholar Justo L. Gonzalez' two-volume work The Story of Christianity. Every Christian should read it. Every church should study it. It is the bloodiest book I have ever had to digest. It is our own story, far too oft repeated. So much of what wants to look like it is being done in the name of Christ is being done in the name of the almost never spoken word behind what you describe: POWER. As in power over and the quest for it. The way of Christ is no such thing. Or, as a very astute seminary professor (female) observed some years ago, "Sin never comes to the world wanting to look like sin. It comes wanting to look like righteousness." That should give us sore kneecaps from kneeling in prayer. In contemplating my own ethnic forbears' history in Germany 90 years ago and setting it alongside current events, I've come up with this observation: "Be careful, humankind! Whenever religion attempts to use government as a tool, or whenever government uses religion as a tool, the result is the same. Blood flows." Let us pray.


Geri Taran

about 4 months ago

Karen, How I missed seeing this before now is a mystery. It is frightening to see what so many might embrace. In such a country there would definitely not be room for people who think as I do. I'd likely be among those stoned... Now, in my last years, I am ever thankful of the freedoms I have enjoyed. I remain hopeful that they will continue and that religion will never become so enmeshed in government that others cannot feel as free as I have these 88 years and counting.


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