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Me and Baby Jane

Betty Jane

I keep running into people around town who want to know where I’ve been. They are, of course, assuming that I’ve been somewhere adventuresome. Folks around these parts are used to me jaunting off to faraway places, I guess. It is true that I have been lost in the woods of Michigan and Wisconsin as of late. But I’ve done all that mostly without leaving the house.

Yep. That’s right.  I’m working on a new writing project. One that I’ve been researching for the past three or more years. It’s an odd thing, researching parts of the country that I am pretty unfamiliar with.  Thank goodness the National Park service provides those interactive maps. I can sit in my home in Oregon and pretend I’m picking out a campsite in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

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Embrace the Adventure


There came this point last year where I felt I had to make a decision about somethings I had been avoiding. Chiefly, should I or should I not pursue a MFA program. I’ve been thinking about it for a few years now but something else always distracted me, things like family and the books I was already writing.

Several of my friends have completed long-distance MFA programs, usually through Spalding’s low-residency program. It’s a terrific program and had I decided to pursue the MFA I likely would have chosen this route. But being an OSU grad already, I did check out OSU’s MFA program in Central Oregon as well.

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The Death of Miriam Carey: An Unnecessary Cruelty

There will be a lot of people who disagree with me. I don’t mind. Disagreement is part of a healthy dialogue. I have said it a gazillion times before and I’ll reiterate it now — I never, ever want to live in the place where everyone thinks the same way.

Disclaimer out of the way, I was not surprised to read the news reports stating that Miriam Carey was being treated for postpartum depression, a year after her daughter’s birth.

As ABC reports,” a 2006 study published in the Journal of Women’s Health found that postpartum psychosis typically occurs in the first one to four weeks after childbirth and is an “overt presentation” of bipolar disorder that coincides with hormonal shifts after delivery.

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The duty of a journalist


I have been in France for the past week, and in Germany the week before that, so I’ve had little time for paying attention to the news.

It’s not that I have purposely avoided the news. It’s just that with so much beauty and history to consume, it’s difficult to find the time for news.

If this were the US, I would at least listen to NPR in the car as I travel, but I tried finding the BBC in the car as we were driving through France, all to no avail. It may have been the BBC for all I know, but I don’t speak French.

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The Power of Language

There is this open-door policy at The Art Factory. Well, not so much of an open door as it is just an overall hospitality thing. Mary Beth Holladay has the gift of hospitality. She’s a terrific hostess, always serving others and creating spaces of beauty for the enjoyment of others. Christine Sine is another who has this gift.  Missional hospitality is the right term for it, I think.

Hosting Dinner & Dialogue  is just one of the many ways The Art Factory extends hospitality to the local community of artists.

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