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The Sunflower in My Garden

Outside the window where I sit and write, the sunflower burst to life this morning. Yesterday it was just bud on a stem. Today it is cloaked in golden glory.

The sunflower grows wild in my garden. I didn’t plant it there. We lived in this house for many years sans sunflowers. But then a few years back, a crop of sunflowers shot up among the monkey grass and cone flowers. Most things in the garden have perished this summer under the blistering heat too wicked for even the heartiest of roses. But the sunflowers seem to bloom to spite the heat. As if to say, we are strong enough to stand no matter what wickedness comes our way. read more

How Profitable is Panhandling?


Over the past few days there has been a panhandler on the corner where Highway 395 intersects with McDonald’s. As far as panhandlers goes, this guy is younger, and fitter than most. The cardboard sign that he holds up says he’s a war veteran. If my nephew, David  Spears, is any proof, that war status ought to earn the beggar on the corner a few extra bucks every day.

David, my brother’s boy, is an Iraq war veteran. And for a very brief time, David was also a panhandler. Well, truth be told, he was more of a poser than a panhandler. As David explains, his begging was all part of a social experiment. read more