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  • A Walkabout: Dispatch #1 Scotland

    A Walkabout: Dispatch #1 Scotland

    The flight over the pond was easy-peasey. I know a nine-hour flight seems long, is relatively long, but listen, an hour-long flight into Memphis or Dallas during a thunderstorm can be far longer. In those situations, which I've lived through, every minute seems like an[..]
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  • Keeping Witches at Bay

    Keeping Witches at Bay

    We buried Mama's ashes atop a bed of wild honeysuckle vines. I had stopped alongside the road in Greeneville, Tennessee, and picked them myself. You might think it's the dollar-sized magnolias in bloom that most remind me of my Southern childhood. Or the wild dogwoods[..]
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  • If Hell had levels …

    If Hell had levels …

      It's hot as blazes around here. That's what I told my buddy Charlie when he called from Boston. Just imagine shoveling all the snow in the winter, he said.  That will put it in perspective. I don't have to imagine shoveling snow in the[..]
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