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  • When You Are Not a Famous Author

    When You Are Not a Famous Author

    I was in Seattle this weekend. Sunny Seattle. There wasn't one speck of snow on the ground. Flowers were blooming. It was blissful. Only I wasn't really in Seattle. I was in a suburb of Seattle. Once you get past Olympia, it is all Microsoft[..]
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  • We Take Advantage of You

    We Take Advantage of You

      I arose with a hangover. I wish it was the result of drinking on Mamie's front porch. To be sure, the wine was wonderful, the stories swapped compelling. The best thing about book tour is the people I meet, the stories I hear. The[..]
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  • Me and Baby Jane

    Me and Baby Jane

    I keep running into people around town who want to know where I've been. They are, of course, assuming that I've been somewhere adventuresome. Folks around these parts are used to me jaunting off to faraway places, I guess. It is true that I have[..]
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