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What are we to do about President Trump’s Hate Tweets?


Our president talks trash Every. Single. Damn. Day.

Never in my lifetime has a man so diminished the office of president in such a short time.

Give him a chance, my conservative friends cry.

How many chances does this man need to act like a decent and kind human being?

The Scriptures tell us that you will know a man’s heart by the words that come spewing forth from his mouth. By now you should figure out that my heart is troubled, deeply, deeply troubled. read more

Conversation from the TweetDeck

Ashley and Zack dropped by last night at the tail-end of their summer vacation. They did a hike through the Cascades – 43 miles in two days. Poor Ashley’s feet looked like a POWs on a death march – swollen and bloodied.
I knew just how to remedy that – I took them out to Starbucks. We sat outside in the sunshine, catching up on all the latest news. I mentioned to them about the Restoring Honor rally in D.C. Told them about how it was all the talk on Twitter. read more