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What’s a Little Cheating Among Friends?


She turned her paper in weeks late, this honor student, this student body president, even though she understood that doing so would cost her points that would lower her grade significantly.

I would remind her nearly every class that she needed to get her work turned in. She would smile that gorgeous smile of hers and assure me that she was working on it.

Never once did she ask questions or ask for help or come see me privately to discuss the paper. She never texted me, never tweeted me, never emailed me, never communicated with me in any form or fashion, even though I made myself available before and after school, and in all of those various forms  of communication that are designed specifically for today’s generation of students. read more

Exploitation of Harper Lee

Harper Lee

Readers and writers the world over are abuzz with the news that Harper Lee is releasing a novel.

Doing the very thing she swore to the Barefooted Jesus she would never do.

It has been a well-known fact that Harper Lee, now 88,  has been in poor health since suffering a bad stroke. Those who know her best say that Harper Lee is deaf, blind and confined to a wheelchair.

One gushing commentator on the Huffington Post said that they never ever expected Harper Lee to publish another book.

With good reason. read more