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The Angels in Texas

I awoke to the news of an eight-month old girl found clinging to her drowned momma in Texas.  Rescuers were able to save the baby just moments before she and her momma would have been carried under a railroad trestle where the water would have been too high for emergency responders to save her.

There’s this line in my latest novel – “If there is any place that needs more angels, it’s earth, not heaven.” read more

Self-Righteousness on Window Display

Love chapter

Several years ago when I was working on the book Where’s Your Jesus Now?my editor made the remark about one of the stories in that book: So nice of Gays to make their sins so obvious for the rest of us, isn’t it? 

The remark was meant to be sardonic, a way of highlighting the unkind attitude of some Christians. I had written a chapter in the book about how I felt the Church was missing the mark in their approach toward Gays. Needless to say the book didn’t sell well. Major Christian publishers wouldn’t stock it. My husband, bless his heart, insists to this day it’s my best book. read more