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  • Ten Ways to Keep Your Cool

    Ten Ways to Keep Your Cool

    Sister Tater called yesterday. She was in a great mood 'cause it was 80 degrees at the beach. Sister Tater loves the sun. She's got Mama's genes, which means everyone who knew anything about the Mayes family thinks Sister Tater looks like Granny Ruth, who[..]
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  • Help Me Get My Happy On

    Help Me Get My Happy On

      Ah, Lord, it is November again. I woke to a steely gray sky, green grass bowing to rain and winter's chill. Those of you who know me best know how much I dread the onset of winter. There is nothing in this southern girl's[..]
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  • Harvest Magic

    Harvest Magic

      It's harvest around these parts. Farmers working day and night making hay. We are surrounded on all sides of town by wheat farms.   Harvest is a crazy busy time. It's been hot as blazes around here, too. Not that it matters to those[..]
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  • If Hell had levels …

    If Hell had levels …

      It's hot as blazes around here. That's what I told my buddy Charlie when he called from Boston. Just imagine shoveling all the snow in the winter, he said.  That will put it in perspective. I don't have to imagine shoveling snow in the[..]
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