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Love Gone Wrong

Congratulation to Beth Wilkes of Alabama & Dorcie Tracy of Oregon. They are the winners of Leigh Anne’s book. Thanks to all who entered. 

The wedding was perfect in every way. Lovely flowers. Lovely dress. Lovely bride.


Their church family was there. The cousins came, too. It was a big-to-do. This wedding. This love of theirs. Jennifer’s mama and daddy couldn’t have been more proud, more happy. It is the dream of parents  who have had good marriages and even those who have had not so good marriages. That their children will grow up and find lasting love, a companion, somebody to share in the joys and the trials. read more

Terrorism: A Branding Problem


The terrorist group that calls itself ISIS appears to be somewhat tech savvy. Every time they saw the head off another innocent human being they make sure to capture it all on their iPhones or Droids or whatever camera it is they use before uploading the gruesome video to YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, or whatever they call their version of Social Media.

Technology, as any Wall Street marketing firm will confirm, is absolutely essential to getting one’s message out. But what many terrorists apparently fail to understand is that the message matters more than the technology one uses to deliver it. In the world of marketing, ISIS has a branding problem. All these beheadings of innocent people – people who are humanitarians for the love of all things holy – has conflated whatever message they hoped to deliver to the American public. read more