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Keepers of the Lies

“Necrophilia includes the desire of certain people to control others—to make them controllable, to foster their dependency, to discourage their capacity to think for themselves, to diminish their unpredictability and originality, to keep them in line.”
M. Scott Peck, The People Of The Lie: Hope for Healing Human Evil

Sister Cathy

I had never heard of Sister Cathy Cesnik before.

No reason I should have. In 1969, I was in 8th grade and far more worried about passing Ms. Anderson’s English class than I was about some random murder in Baltimore. The only person I knew with any connection to Baltimore was Edgar Allen Poe and I only knew him tangentially because of the aforementioned English class. read more

Cussing on the Way to Church


It was there, while crossing the bridge that connect this part of Oregon with the southern part of Washington, that I glanced over at a boat cutting through the silver waters of the Columbia River. Maybe it was the stillness of the water. Or maybe it was the way the fading light cast out over the river. Just that brief glimpse from the steel archway joining the border of one land to another gave me pause. read more

To Wish Donald Trump Success


To wish Donald Trump success is to teach boys and girls the world over that bullying is perfectly acceptable behavior. So, go, be a bully. Bullies are winners.

To wish Donald Trump success is to teach boys and girls the world over that the color of your skin matters. Whites are the far superior race. Go and be white. Or loathe yourselves.

To wish Donald Trump success is to teach boys the world over that is okay to grab girls in their privates anytime you like because that’s just boys being boys. It’s not sexual assault. So make a reach for that girl’s breasts in the classroom. Pinch her pussy as she walks down the hallway. Slap her ass as she carries her lunch tray. Like Trump says, you have that right. Girls will let you do whatever you want as long as you act like you have that right. So go into the world and be a grabber. read more

My Prayers for 2017

praying woman

I have this painting that a friend made me. It is a colorful painting with a big yellow sun in it and the phrase “FIND YOUR HAPPY” in big bold letters.


Many a theologian has warned us that if we go in search of happiness we will surely be disappointed. They often quote from the Scriptures: “Seek you first the kingdom of God and  his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” read more

Teacher Investigation


The local headlines around here are filled with the news of a high school coach under investigation for having sex with a student.

Sigh. Sadly, that’s not really news anymore is it?

Dr. Troy Hutchings, one of the country’s leading researchers on the abuse of students by teachers, says that the problem is even more prevalent because of the digital age. (We didn’t really need a researcher to tell us that, did we?) read more